Fukangren is the Biggest Research & Development Pharmaceutical copmpany in China. Rich experiece and technology resource since 2000.

Technology Transfe

Offer contract research & development service.

Registration Consultation

Offer registration service for innovative drug, medical device, health care.

Production processing

Manufacturing units are located in Foshan and Liaoyuan. 
GMP workshop Construction
Assist setting up GMP workshop and staff training
Clinical Research
Rich experience in clinical research are.


Strong Sales Tea.
Passed through the long time the exploration and the precipitation, the company has implemented the considerable development, at present the business scope included: The new medicine research and development, the medicine new dosage-form research and development, the overseas technology and the device introduction, the patent, initiating a project, put up a factory and so on service consultation contracts.


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Founded in 2000, for 19 consecutive years specializing in drug research and development, a wealth of new drug research and development and industrialization of technical experience and resources.
A number of technologies to fill the gaps Beijing Fu Kangren Biological Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in drug research and development of innovative companies, after a long period of exploration and precipitation.


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  • 4.17 Shanghai New Product Recommendation Meeting

    2016 year Fukang kernel “international newest project cooperation docking and the company newest research and development project recommendation meeting” in the afternoon 14:00-16:00 convention hall will hold on April 17 in Shanghai Si Gewei platinum the graceful hotel 47 building F. At the appointed time welcome the new-old friends to visit the instruction.

  • On May 16th - 18th Shanghai Nation Drugs Trade Fair

    on May 16th - 18th Shanghai nation drugs trade fair Fukang kernel 77th session of nation drugs transaction convention position number: the 42T43-44 each cooperation service discusses: The international newest project recommendation international development cooperation recommendation had reported that the new medicine transfer introduced the BE technical service platform introduced the uniform appraisal project always includes the cooperation introduction to imitate the drugs manufacture developmental item to recommend the new medicine developmental item recommendation international project: The small molecular innovation, lives imitates the medicine, the biological preparations innovation, accurate medical, the medical instrument and so on international development: International research and development, international registration, international processing, international sale and so on


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Corporation and many domestic well-known colleges and universities and factory establishment strategy cooperation. Corporation and more than 100 factory establishment friendly cooperative relationship.



Fukang kernel carries out “ The absolute sincerity service, the science innovate ” The faith, the absolute sincerity cooperation, dares to innovate. The present Fukang kernel is being at the high speed development phase, invites steadfast, to have the innovative spirit outstanding talent diligently honestly to join us.