Innovates The Small Molecular Medicine

Symbol Indication Product Characteristic Clinical Phase
SP-02 The treat cancer chemotherapy, and oral cavity ulcer cause oral cavity mucous membrane inflammation Liquid, several minutes in effect, the curative effect is 8 hours In overseas went on the market
PIA-206 Helicobacter pylori infects Arab League Xilin compound prescription preparation, the compliance is not good, the curative effect (70% effectiveness) surpass the traditional standard combination (63% effectiveness), and not obvious untoward effect 3 time clinical trial
Pecycline Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infection/community acquired character bacterial pneumonia/urine road infection/acute nasosinusitis Broad spectrum tetracyclin class antibiotic, the tolerance is good, does not have between the medicine to do mutually, the security is high, has the substitution pyrrole kui alkone potential 3 time /2 issue/clinical,/clinical,
GBK-233 Chronic liver damage, non-alcoholic fatty liver TLR4 acceptor inhibiter, new mechanism 3 time clinical trial
Fragrance Uygur A amine + sabina spear T cell lymphoma, stomach cancer, cellule lung cancer, esophagus cancer Compound prescription preparation, the marrow toxicity is low, the non-oral cavity pathological change and loses hair 2 time clinical trial
W-Gel May prevent and treat the bacterial vaginitis (BV) Gelatin, the non-systemic effect, may use together with the condom 3 time clinical trial
Rifene Sequential hypogonadism Does not have the influence to the sperm and the birth function, the anti-SARS 2 time clinical trial
FSH-01 Men and women are sterile Oral administration, graafian follicle stimulin excited agent 2 time clinical trial
THL-01 Contraception Raises the testosterone level, reduces the osteoporosis risk 3 time clinical trial
PM-490 Her+ breast cancer Suppresses the cancer cell to transfer to the central nervous system, the side effect is small 1 time clinical trial
hypoglossis extends Fentaini Ache Hypoglossis contains the piece, the non-invasive gives the medicine 3 time clinical trial
HY-013 Morning sickness Ginger extracting in overseas went on the market
Colipin Multiple myeloma Sea natural products 3 time clinical trial
Nerol Sphingomyelin/nerve amide metabolic disorder tumor   2 time clinical trial
  Bears the medicine gonorrhea nai Chinese zither bacterium   2 time clinical trial
DP-438 Psoriasis New mechanism 3 time clinical trial


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