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A total of 45 R & D team, Professor Zhong Bochua, Professor Zhao Kang and other professors as technical leaders, with 10 PhD researchers, research and development team members in the field of drug synthesis and innovative drug development with rich technical experience.
Ten innovative products have been developed, three of which have entered the phase 3 clinical phase, the rest of the basic completion of preclinical studies

Innovative drugs with independent intellectual property rights

Name Dosage-form Indication
Licorice inferior diethylene glycol dinitrate Tablet Is accompanied by the valley third transaminase to elevate urgent, the chronic toxic hepatitis
Andrographis Paniculta alkali D1 Injection Virus pneumonia and upper respiratory tract feeling infection, bronchitis, mumps, gastroenteritis.
Peaceful sets up lucky Wei Tablet Chronic hepatitis B; Hepatitis B liver cirrhosis; HIV infection
Bette niter ester Tablet, capsule High blood fats, hyperglycemia
Advantage cuts down Tanzania Injection, tablet Uses in the nerve function flaw, the memory and the intelligent barrier which the brain stem and the brain damage cause,
as well as moderate vascular dementia, senile dementia
Graciousness multi-card Wei Zhi Piece Hepatitis B
Milk thistle guest ester Capsule Urgent chronic hepatitis, fatty liver's liver function unusual recovery
Salty sweet and sour acid radical gingko lactone B Tablet, inoculation fluid Cerebral infarction, coronary disease angina pectoris
Third anchors the phenolic ester Inoculation fluid Induces and maintains the general anesthesia
Different ratio adds the group ester Capsule Thrombus thrombosis-related disease


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