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I-ⅣTime Clinical Research Service

 I-ⅣTime clinical research service

Clinical research is in the new medicine research and development course, the expense is highest, a lasted longest key link, it resolved directly whether the new medicine does obtain the authorization to go on the market and to research and develop whether to succeed.

Clinical trialⅠFrom toⅣTime research from for the first time human body tolerance and secure research, after stochastic comparison clinical authenticity research and going on the market studies, involves medicine generation of study research, the dosage exploratory research, the mass balancing research, the biological exploitability research, the medicine interaction research, food to a medicine generation of study influence, community medicine generation of study research, multiple perspectives and so on valid and secure research three-dimensional research. Through the optimized clinical trial plan, defines valid and the safety analysis crowd accurately, integrates the crowd distribution, integrates the elimination standard, the plan violates, the exposed degree/treatment course, mainly monitors the index, simultaneously analyzes the clinical trial result highly effective, involves the population statistics analysis, the primary and secondary end point index selection, the subnit analysis, statistics analysis, the main end point clinical relevance and the safety analysis, takes the validity and the secure evidence, the order promulgates the new medicine to not yet to obtain the profit which medical satisfied disease brings.

We with the domestic well-known medicine colleges' and universities' apex level clinical expert, the Pharmacology expert, a medicine generation of study expert, statistics expert have cooperate many times the experience, has established the stable authoritative expert team gradually. We grasp the medicine and disease interaction rule thoroughly, and the familiar tumor, the energetic nerve, the metabolic block and so on multi-domain's clinical research, can provide a more specialized omni-directional service for the clinical research.

We respect the objective law, is familiar with the Chinese medicine registration laws and regulations, has the knowledge and the experience which will obtain use in unknown, the changeable new medicine research and development process wisdom, has controls the new medicine research and development direction ability.


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