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Beijing QualiHealth Medical Service (CRO)

Founded in 2016. Specialized in research study/ Chinese CROs specialized in providing Professional Clinical Research Outsourcing Services to Domestic and International clients.

Clinical Research

Project Management: To develop and implement project management plan and risk management plan - To develop and implement project budget management plan - To complete the center screening with the fastest speed, researchers selection and patient recruitment - To organize and hold regular meetings of researchers

Data Management

All DM staff are of a medical-related background, are familiar with all kinds of data management systems and are proficient in two languages (Chinese, and English). Additionally, Rundo has experience utilizing numerous sponsor-provided systems.

Medicine Writing

All our Medical Writing staff are MDs or hold Master degrees from abroad, and have many years’ experience in medical writing to assure the quality of the clinical trial documents. Following strict SOPs and offering a flexible pricing system, we can assist you to design and/or compose a variety of clinical trial documentation.

Reserve Of Capable People

long-term reserve has the clinical research background professional, carries on the project personnel with many large-scale drugs manufacture enterprises to cooperate, provides high talented people and so on quality CRA, CTA, DM for the customer service.  


Our highly professional and experienced Biostatisticians can assist Sponsors to design cost efficient, safe and low-risk Statistical Protocols and Statistical Analysis Reports that meet all the latest industry standards.


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Corporation and many domestic well-known colleges and universities and factory establishment strategy cooperation. Corporation and more than 100 factory establishment friendly cooperative relationship.



Fukang kernel carries out “ The absolute sincerity service, the science innovate ” The faith, the absolute sincerity cooperation, dares to innovate. The present Fukang kernel is being at the high speed development phase, invites steadfast, to have the innovative spirit outstanding talent diligently honestly to join us.