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Adopts The Natural T Cytotherapy

Compares other immunotherapy, has the low toxicity, the price is cheap, is suitable for characteristics and so on all cancers 

2 Phase of clinical trials displayed, 2 patients in accept treat in the latter 4-5 year the brain tumor to eliminate completely

Slow Virus Carrier Technology 

1st enters based on the slow viral carrier technology's vaccine to the clinical trial, the anticancer treatment vaccine, the infectious disease vaccine. Non-copying, the conformity, the non-pathogenicity, the immunity affects strong, the duration long and the indication is broad. 
manufacture flow:


Synthesized New Epi-Position Cancer Vaccine PYI

Indication: Lung cancer/ovarian cancer/colon cancer/breast cancer 
synthesized 10 antigen new epi-positions, target to 5 kind of tumor relevant antigen. In the patient the position lifetime his match enhances for 12.3 months compared to many west, 1 year survival rate enhances 26%. 


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