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Aerosol and Dry Powder Inhalation Platform

The domestic first development inspiration was mad that/the powder fog agent research and development's enterprise, the complete equipment import. The Fukang kernel in the inspiration was mad that/the powder fog agent development domain had the very rich technical background, the success has solved many technical difficult problems, at present has succeeded completes 22 inspirations to be mad/the powder fog agent product development

Research and development team

Entire team 32 people, in which preparation personnel 21 people, other personnel 10 people.

Compares the conventional preparation, the inhalant merit lies in

1.Inhalers can directly into the lungs from the lungs, rapid onset;
2.Local administration, improve the drug target organ accumulation, increase efficacy while reducing the side effects;
3.No first pass effect, high bioavailability.

Dried noodles inhalant

It is a kind not including the ejection agent micronizing aerosol, is refers to the micronizing medicine or the carrier by the capsule, the vesicle or the multi-dosage stores the base form, uses specially made the dried noodles inspiration installment, inhales preparation [1] on own initiative by the patient. The dried noodles inhalant takes one kind of lungs for the medicament, on clinical uses in treating the asthma, chronic blocking disease, lungs local diseases and so on pouch fibrosis. In recent years, because the alveolar epithelium cell had the cell wall thinly, the absorption cross section big, the blood stream quantity is big, enzyme metabolism activeness low and could fall has bowed the head characteristics and so on effect, has become the multi-peptides and the protein class medicine non-invasive take the dried noodles inhalant as representative's lungs for the formula type gives the medicine the new way. The dried noodles inhalant does not use the ejection agent, has avoided the ejection agent to the atmosphere ozone layer destruction, and applies drugs, the dosage conveniently accurate, the effect is good, specially some biological macromolecule after dried noodles inspiration - lungs for medicine may implement the ideal biological exploitability, the dried noodles inhalant research is on the rise.


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