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Contract Imitates The Drugs Manufacture Quality Uniformity Appraisal Service

  1. continues the different type bulk drugs and the preparation analysis method establishment and the confirmation work.
  2. contract bulk drugs' experiment slightly tries to the experimental scale synthesis craft development, optimized, the change and the craft confirmation work.
  3. contract bulk drugs and preparation mixed mass spectrum and reference preparation mixed mass spectrum contrast research work.
  4. contract to the prescription variable and the preparation technological parameter variable's research inspection, guarantees imitates the uniform work which the drugs manufacture and reference preparation in vitro dissolves.
  5. synthesis craft industrial production contract.
  6. contract prescription change, the preparation craft replacement demand, dissolves the comparison test with original trituration's in vitro and so on comprehensive engineering research work.
Uniformity Appraisal Service Consultation

uniformity appraisal service consultation

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