Profit Lives The Bacterium Introduction

Profit lives the bacterium saying that the live bacterium preparation, the ecology preparation, the micro ecology conditioner and so on, are one category can promote in the host intestines the microorganism bacteria colony's ecological equilibrium, and/the physiological function produces the useful effect active microorganism to the host health. Its physiological action mainly manifests, in they can suppress in the intestines the harmful bacterium growth, maintenance host intestinal tract micro balanced, has lowers the cholesterol, identities and so on promotion organism immunologic function.

Profit Lives The Bacterium Product

Product Category Suitable the crowd Function Effective Component
Pu thinks of Meals addition agent Elderly and children Specificity diarrhea, chronic intestinal tract inflammation,
  • Lactobacillus salivarius saliva lactobacillus
  • Lactobacillus paracasei vice-cheese lactobacillus
  • VB1 and VB2

1.Improves in vivo micro ecological environment, strengthens the human body immunity function

2.Help auxiliary T in cell's Th1 cell transformation is the Th2 cell, because the Th2 cell can stimulate the B cell multiplication and produce IgG and IgE, can therefore reduce allergic reaction to be possible

3. Produces the massive lactic acids in vivo fermentation lactose, may reduce intestinal tract local pH, the bacteriostasis or kills in the intestinal tract the pathogenesis bacteria colony

Product Category Suitable the crowd Function Effective Component
Graciousness multi-Leica Drugs Adult and child Intestinal tract bacteria colony unbalanced syndrome, stress syndrome, colitis
Lactobacillus acidophilus is addicted to the yogurt bacillus
lactobacillus delbrueckii Germany bacillus lacticus
streptococcus thermophilus is addicted to the hot chain coccus

1.The easy field planting in the intestinal tract epithelial cell, to recover the intestinal tract micro ecological environment rapidly
2.Suppresses the CD34+ cell, suppresses it to lie between leads the intercellular space to adhere the function, reduces the inflammation to react, alleviation allergy patient's clinical symptoms

Product Category Suitable the crowd Function Effective Component
Prandtl forest Drugs, capsule Female Treatment vagina the bacterium and the fungus infection, reply the vagina ecosystem Lactobacillus plantarum plant lactobacillus
1.Reduces in the vagina the harmful bacteria colony recrudescence
2.Alleviates in the vagina scalding hot and the pruritus symptom
3.Prevention menstruation period vagina is dry
4.Capsule dosage-forms, facilitate give the medicine


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