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Campus employment advertize plan

2017 Beijing Fu Kangren campus recruitment "has now officially started, including online job application, campus lectures, interviews, the issuance of letters of intent and other procedures.This year the company will face the country to recruit more than 2016-2017 college graduates and graduate students , Doctoral students (the reader can be the first to do the intern company, the outstanding person to stay positive.) Specific job needs are as follows:
Post Number of people Education Profession
College Undergraduate Master's Degree Dr.
 Synthesis of research and development positions 20 2 2 12 4  Pharmaceutical chemistry, organic chemistry, organic synthesis, chemistry and other related majors
 Analyze research and development positions 25 2 5 15 3  Pharmaceutical analysis, analytical chemistry, pharmacy, natural medicine and other related professionals
 Preparation research and development positions 10   2 5 3  Pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations, pharmacy and other related majors
 Information research posts 2     2    Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, basic pharmacology and other related majors
 Clinical research post 3     2 1  Clinical, clinical medicine, clinical pharmacy, Integrative Medicine and other related professional
International trade posts 2     1 1  Pharmacology, pharmacy English, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry and other related professionals
 Assistant manager post 2     1 1  Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, English and other related majors
The company is convinced that talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development is to promote the company to move forward the main driving force is to cooperate with the rapid development of the project, the company is now open recruitment of such professionals, and start the "Beijing Fu Kangren camp recruitment plan," about For details, check the company website  http://www.fukangren.com

Welfare treatment

Excellent salary + project award + three meals + staff quarters + five insurance and one gold + national paid holiday + paid annual leave + quarterly labor insurance + training + various welfare grants, etc. calendar.

Resume delivery mode

Please send your resume to: zhaopin@fukangren.com E-mail subject is "campus recruitment + professional + candidates (internship) positions.

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Corporation and many domestic well-known colleges and universities and factory establishment strategy cooperation. Corporation and more than 100 factory establishment friendly cooperative relationship.



Fukang kernel carries out “ The absolute sincerity service, the science innovate ” The faith, the absolute sincerity cooperation, dares to innovate. The present Fukang kernel is being at the high speed development phase, invites steadfast, to have the innovative spirit outstanding talent diligently honestly to join us.