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Foshan Niche Pharmaceuticals Limited

Founded in 2005, is a production and R & D-oriented pharmaceutical companies, is committed to high-tech pharmaceutical product development and production operations, covering about 5755.98 square meters, has owned and co-owned a total number of more than 50 employees, including 38 professional and technical personnel, accounting for 76% of the total workforce. With oral solid preparation workshop, equipped with tablets, hard capsules, granules and pellets production line.
Production area design in strict accordance with the GMP requirements, a sound organizational structure, supporting facilities. Equipped with advanced granulator, fluidized bed, high-speed tablet machine, high-efficiency coating machine aluminum-plastic packaging machine, Agilent, Shimadzu high performance liquid chromatography, Shimadzu 
Gas chromatograph, Production equipment and testing equipment. And obtained the new GMP certificate on March 5, 2015.
Laboratory building a total of two floors, one for the microbiological room, two for the physical and chemical room, liquid, gas and other UV testing equipment complete, strictly separated from each function, respectively, with high temperature room, balance room, reagent room, General physical and chemical room, liquid room, gas room, room and other common instrument room.


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Corporation and many domestic well-known colleges and universities and factory establishment strategy cooperation. Corporation and more than 100 factory establishment friendly cooperative relationship.



Fukang kernel carries out “ The absolute sincerity service, the science innovate ” The faith, the absolute sincerity cooperation, dares to innovate. The present Fukang kernel is being at the high speed development phase, invites steadfast, to have the innovative spirit outstanding talent diligently honestly to join us.