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Registration Service
  Gain a better understanding of China's policy environment, have strong new drug and generic drug registration capabilities, be able to assist overseas partners and obtain registration of imported drugs
  Has a wealth of experts CFDA review resources, can provide targeted technology, regulations, reporting strategy recommendations.
  Perfect project management capabilities, always ensure the efficient operation of the project and good interoperability with overseas partners.
  Can be customized for the customer a viable registration strategy, to avoid potential registration risks, to ensure timely and accurate submission of information to track the review progress in order to help customers quickly complete the registration review process.
  As of 2016, more than 360 clinical and manufacturing approval documents have been obtained.
Clinical Registration Declaration Service
  Preparation and submission of domestic customer CFDA IND documents;
  Acting domestic clients USFDA IND / ANDA file submission;
  Acting foreign clients CFDA IND / ANDA documents submitted;
  Provide project management services
  Review, collate and technical evaluation of IND / ANDA filings provided by clients; and then complete the preparation, review, editing and finalization of the documents;
  Before submission of application materials: organize internal technical communication meetings and conduct detailed analysis of the declared items;
  After the submission of application materials: There will be a senior reporting officer who will keep in touch with the regulatory authorities and follow up the application progress in real time, until the declaration is successfully completed.


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