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Welcome To Fogangren

Beijing Fugangren Biological Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company specializing in drug research and development, after a long period of exploration and precipitation, the company achieved rapid development, the current business scope includes: new drug research and development, new drug formulations R & D, foreign equipment and technology Import, patent, project, construction and other business consulting to undertake.

Company Profile

Corporation was founded in 2000.
Continual 19 year specialties are engaged in the new medicine research and development.
Has the rich new medicine research and development and the industrial production. Technical background and the resource.
Many technologies fill the domestic gap.

Enterprise Culture

Fukang kernel carries out “the absolute sincerity service, the science innovation” date of from the establishment the faith, accumulated one group of outstanding enterprise earlier worker, the absolute sincerity cooperation, dares to innovate, to implement the Fukang kernel internationalization drugs manufacture industry, but joint effort to struggle.
Fukang kernel is growing, our unremitting efforts, believe that we will do are better!


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Add: No. 30 Jinxing Rd, Daxing District, Beijing, China


Corporation and many domestic well-known colleges and universities and factory establishment strategy cooperation. Corporation and more than 100 factory establishment friendly cooperative relationship.



Fukang kernel carries out “ The absolute sincerity service, the science innovate ” The faith, the absolute sincerity cooperation, dares to innovate. The present Fukang kernel is being at the high speed development phase, invites steadfast, to have the innovative spirit outstanding talent diligently honestly to join us.